Antral Gastritis by AYURVEDIC way

Antral Gastritis Treatment by AYURVEDIC way in Navi Mumbai

Our clinic provides highly experienced and professional services in the field of antral gastritis . Our services are given to get relief to the person and bring improvement in the condition in short period of time at cost effective bases .

Antral gastritis can be a discomfort to the patient . The person suffering from the problem may not be aware of its symptoms that are associated with it. The problem may be due to certain medications , infections , social habits , chemicals , physical stress and surgical conditions . It can also be caused by swallowing of different kinds of alcohols , or accidentally swallowing foreign objects like pins, pencile or paper clips etc .

The other causes that can contribute to the problem are unbalanced nutrition or irregular nutrition, taking poor quality food , intake of strong liquor , smoking and intake of food that contain emulsifiers in products and preservatives . The pregnant woman also suffer from the issues .

Our experienced and qualified doctors provide the Antral Gastritis Treatment in Navi Mumbai solution after discussion with patient to know the exact cause and nature of the antral gastritis . The treatment is given on the exact cause of the problem . If the bacteria infection is behind the issue , then anti botics are prescribed to stop the diseases from spreading . All the treatments plans are develop to cater to the need and requirement of the patient . The treatment is made to be in accordance with the life style and habits of the person , so that the desired results can be achieved

The typical treatment is taking reflux diet , which is low acid foods , and avoiding all citrus , caffeinated foods , carbonated drinks and fried foods . The patient is also suggested to take smaller meals in regular frequency

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