Ayurveda Doctors

Ayurvedic is one of the oldest and most safest form of medicine system in india and in the world as well . It is the only medical system that cures any diseases without producing any side effect in the human body . The best part of the Ayurvedic medical system is that it is both preventive and curative .

To cure the diseases from the root , a holistic approach consisting of yoga , naturopathy and physiotherapy is followed . The patients are given herbs based medicines for various diseases .

Patients suffering from lifestyle disorders such as obesity , high blood pressure , hypertension , arthritis , can contact the Ayurveda Doctors in Navi Mumbai . The services at offer from the Ayurvedic doctors include , obesity management , obesity treatment , detoxification therapies , infertility treatment , vasthi , shirodhara , kativasthi , and management of arthritis.

Our panchakarma process purifies the body and removes toxics accumulated over years of neglect . The panchakarma performed through various ways can be taken for various diseases and illness , such as skin diseases , acid peptic disorders , constipations , jaundice, asthma , diabetes , thyroid gland management ,to name just few .

The services of Ayurveda Doctors in Mumbai are given at cost effective ranges and by the experienced and highly qualified doctors on the individual bases confirming to the need and requirement of the client . The consulation on the life style disorder and various yoga postures related to them are provided at afforable prices .


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