Ayurvedic clinic

Ayurvedic clinic and Panchkarma centre

Ayurveda is a holistic system of wellness and health practices in India for over 5000 years . The practice in our clinic is provided on the techniques and massages mentioned in the original scriptures .

The treatment of the Ayurveda focus on the balance of mind , body and spirit in harmony and rhythm with nature . This system of medicine and wellness believes that everything in the world is made up of five basic elements . When these five elements , air , water , earth , space and fire , are balanced ,the person is health . And subsequently ,when they are not in balance , the person suffers from one diseases or another . It is the manifestation of these elements that makes us unique in both mental and physical terms .

Further these elements combine into three doshas , or life forces and the combination of these three doshas affect our mental , physical or emotional being . The treatment of any disease in the ayurveda depends on the balancing of these doshas .

The Ayurveda also stress the importance of living a healthy life for avoiding illness in any form . The health is maintained and restored through use of food , exercises , meditation and yoga .

In our Ayurvedic clinic and Panchkarma centre in Navi Mumbai , the detoxification of the body is done to eliminate toxic from the body . The five basic therapies are offered in the panchkarma treatment . These are first , Vamana , in which the toxic from upper part of the body are eliminated through various methods . Second , Virechana , that is done to remove the toxic to cure circulatory disorders . Third , Vasti , involves , detoxification process from enema . The forth is , Nasya , that is administration of certain medicines through nose for curing many diseases . The last Raktamokshana , is for removing impure blood.

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