Cholesterol management

Cholesterol is a chemical compound that is required by the body to build cell membrane and also for the estrogen and testosterone . The cholesterol is produced in the body by the liver and rest of its comes from sources like meat , diary products , eggs , and fish . The plant based food does not contain any cholesterol .

The cholesterol in the blood is regulated by the liver . The liver also stores the cholesterol in the body . When it is required , the liver releases it . The problem arises when the more than require cholesterol is present in the body and it build up along side the wall of arteries , in form of deposits , called plaque . There are two kinds of cholesterol , low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein . The lower one is considered bad one , as it is the leading cause behind strokes and related diseases .

The continuation of the deposition of cholesterol leads to narrowing of the vessels and causes disruption in the blood supply . Thus causing heart attack .

The things that can cause the high level of cholesterol in the body include food , overweight , age , history of such cases in the family and overall health . The intake of high level of saturated fat or trans fat can increase the risk .

At our cholesterol management in Navi Mumbai , we start by asking details about age , health , family history of the patient , and life style of the patient. After this examination ,we find out the diet routine of the person and determine what causes the high levels of cholesterol and related issues . Then the treatment section begins .

Our treatment plan takes into account the life style and other details of the person and entire treatment is tailor made to effectively suit the budget of the patient.

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