Fasciitis Treatment

Fasciitis is painful inflammation of the plantar fascia in the foot . It involves the inflammation of the bowstring like tisssue in foot sole . The tissue stretches from heel to the front of the foot. It can be caused by the excessive wear to the plantar fascia that is supporting the arches of the foot. The fasciitis can also happen due to the biomechanical fault that leads to abnormal pronation .

Our expert physiotherapist involved in Fasciitis Treatment in Navi mumbai will treat the condition with the use of techniques that reduce the inflammation and pain . They also suggest some light exercices that help alleviate the pain and bring patient to the normal condition . The entire treatment and options given to the patient depend on the particular cause of the pain .

The doctors of the clinic have deep knowledge of the psychiotherapy and manual therapy. The patient suffering from trauma , disorder and disability are treated with comprehensive therapy that includes massages , techniques for connective tissues , mobilization of joints , joint manipulations , myofascial release , and craniosacral techniques .

The use of high end psychiotherapy equippments ensure that patient get fast relief from pain . The experts operating the system are trained to provide the best possible solutions to the patients . The specialty of our center in Fasciitis Treatment is that it offers the best available treatment on advanced methods and tools to the patient without resorting to surgery . We provide various options to cure the pain and underlying cause without need for surgical methods .

We help the patient to get back to normal active life in shortest possible time without spending a huge amount on treatment . The Fasciitis Treatment in Mumbai is offered in the relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff and world standard hygiene conditions .

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