Fistula Management

Fistula is a small channel at the end of the bowel and the skin of the anus . It has track with two openings , one is internal opening and other is external opening . The internal opening is towards the anal or rectum and the external opening is towards the skin of the buttock .

There are lot of symptoms of the fistula . The first is the pain that makes sittings nearly impossible and it worsens in sittings . Swellings , itching , tenderness , and redness around the anus are other symptoms . It also causes pain during bowel movement . The discharge of blood and debris , usually of foul smell , are other symptoms .

There are three types of fistula. At our Fistula Management in Navi Mumbai , we try to know the brief history of the patient , which is then followed by clinical examination . We have the infrastructure to digitally exam the rectal , which is enough to diagnose the anal fistula .

The to check the any concomitant condition in the rectum , we also inject a small tube like scope, the inspect the area of rectum . If the case arises , we do fistulogram of the patient . This is done in case of the complicated fistula , in which it is difficult to delineate the track .

The facilities for the treatment of the condition are kept at the cutting edge technology level to bring greater relief to the patient . The doctors have necessary experience to handle the cases with care and provide necessary treatment regimen .

The doctors have successfully treated several patients with the same conditions. Our clinic is fully equipped to perform surgery in safe and secure manner . The world class hygiene conditions are maintained by the clinic .

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