Gastritis Cure

Gastritis Cure in Navi Mumbai

Our clinic has over the years cured scores of patients suffering from gastritis permanently . The gastritis is an issue which happens due to inflammation of the lining of the stomach . The reason for the inflammation may vary from patient to patient .

The cure of the gastritis patient begins after finding the exact cause of the problems . The symptoms may be common in all patients even when the causes are different . The causes may range from excessive consumption of fatty food , smoking , alcohol etc . The acute gastritis is often manifested by hiccups . It may also cause black tarry stools . Blood is vomiting is another sure sign of gastritis diseases .

Gastritis cure in Navi Mumbai is done on the individual cause and the result of the diagnosis . The antacid is often given to cure the gastritis problem. The patient is asked to avoid chocolate, seasoning , spices , fat food , and fried or dry food .

The medicines prescribed during the gastritis treatment are Nizatidine , Omeprazole, Esomeprazole , Lansoprazole , Rabeprazole , Pantoprazole, Antibiotics like Cloxacillin are also part of the gastritis treatment medical plan . The other medicine is Amoxycillin .

The second part of the gastritis is diet plan , which is based on the suggestion provided by our experienced doctors . The patient is asked to avoid certain category of food and increases the certain food and vegetables . Fruits , whole grain bread , wholesome proportion of the vegetables , fat free foods , whole grain cereals , nuts and intake of turkey and chicken , for non vegetarians patient are recommended by the doctors .

The idea of our cure for the gastritis is to reduce the problem immediately and eliminate the chances of relapses .

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