Gastritis Treatment

Gastritis Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Gastritis is due to inflammation of the gastric mucosa of the stomach . The disease can be chronic or acute depending the the cause . The treatment depends on the nature of the disease . The chronic condition can lead to the atrophy of the stomach .

The inflammation of the gastritis is due to the same bacteria that causes many stomach ulcers. The gastritis can occur suddenly or it may develop over the time . The sudden occurrence is known as acute and slow development is known as chronic.

The symptoms of the gastritis are heartburn , bloating , vomiting , nausea , belching , etc . In some cases , the stomach ulcers and stomach cancer may also occur . But the latter is mostly in serious cases .

Gastritis Treatment in Navi Mumbai , in our clinic , depends on the individual conditions and causes . We also take into account the individual eating habits and life style , so that the treatment brings immediate relief to the patient and gets desired result in the short period of time . Our gastritis treatment in Navi Mumbai is cost effective in with world class medical expertise . Why the treatment has to be individualized , because in some patients , the chronic gastritis may not show any symptoms at all . It may also cause stomach bleeding but it is not severe . However , the bleeding in the stomach with blood in vomiting needs immediate medical treatment .

We have the infrastructure and expertise to provide relief and cure the chronic and acute gastritis cases with care and individual attention . Our gastritis treatment plans also incorporate medications to treat the stomach Acid , and reduce the signs and symptoms of the patient and promote immediate healing of the patient . Modification in diet also forms the part of the treatment part .

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