GERD Antral Gastritis ulcers

GERD Antral Gastritis ulcers management

GERD due to LAX Esophageal sphincter, Antral Gastritis and Duodenal ulcers, Reduced intestinal mobility causing bloating, And Constipation

Antral gastritis is an auto immune issue of inflammation , irritation , or erosion of stomach lining in a single region of the stomach . It can impact any person and is considered as the less common form of gastric . The issue is found in the persons over 60 years of age .

It can occur suddenly in acute cases cases and gradually in chronic cases . The number of reasons are responsible for it such as excess consumption of alcohol , stress, vomiting problem which is chronic and by use of certain anti inflammatory medicines .

The causes may range from bacteria infections to alcohol consumption on higher level . It is estimated that the half of the patients of the Gastro escophageal flux disease , GERD , have dyspepsia . The symptom is heart burn , a burning sensation that radiates to the throat .

It is important for the people to learn that if the treatment is not given on time ,the problems can spread to other parts of the body and can become chronic . This means that the problems becomes difficult to cure .

At our center GERD Antral Gastritis ulcers management in Navi Mumbai , we have experienced doctors to treat the patient and give medication suiting the patient and helps to give faster relief . The doctors of our staff , first understand the cause of the issue . If it is caused by the infection , then we prescribe antibiotics to cure and prevent the disease from recurring . The antacides are also given to kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation . We also give guidelines to patient to take right kind of food , which is light . The complete treatment is based on the need and requirement of patient .

Our effective comprehensive treatment is matched with the life style of the patient and is cost effective .

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