Gerd Treatment

Gastro-esophageal reflux GERD , disease , is also known as as acid-reflux . In this condition , the content of the stomach refluxes back to the food pipe , esophagus. This reflux damages the inner lining of the food pipe because of acid nature of the reflex . It may also lead to heart burn and pain etc.

There are different causes for the formation and occurence of the acid reflex . The causes may also be different in different person and can occur at different period of time . The causes may range from delayed emptying of the stomach , some abnormality of the food pipe , abnormality of the food pipe contraction. The protrusion of the stomach up to the opening of the food pipe can also be the cause .

The causes area because of the some wrong habits of the person . Intake of alcohol, smoking , poor posture in sleeping after meals , consumption of fatty and fried food , spicy food , pungent food etc are the reason behind the causes of acid reflux .

Generally , the uncomplicated nature of the problem may show the symptoms in heartburn , dry cough , regurgitation , and some patients may also show nausea . The symptoms in children may range from coughing , vomiting and respiratory problem .

Our clinic presents advanced and cost effective Gerd Treatment in Navi Mumbai by highly qualified and experienced doctors and supporting staff . The treatment depends on the individual conditions and causes associated with it . The use of modern instruments and diagnositic tool helps us to pinpoint the cuase and then treat the patient accordingly with aim to bring immediate relief and prevent the relapse of the condition . The clinic ensures cost effective world class medical facilities and services .

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