Homoeopathy Clinic

Homeopathy is a medical science started by the German Physican Dr Samuel Hahnemann . It is based on the principle that any substance that can produce some symptoms in a healthy person can cure the same problem in the person who is not healthy or in other world , person seeking cure .

The homeopathy is know for its safe and effective treatment of various diseases without producing any side effect . It is non toxic and has no side effects . The homeopathy is also non addictive . This is considered one of the best medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases.

The range of diseases and medical problems can be cured by the use of homeopathy medicine . The diseases include autism , allergies of any kind , backache , headache , constipation , cramps , digestive problems , ear pain , hair fall , infections of various kinds , intestinal problems , jaundice , kidney problem , skin issues to name just few .

It can also be used as supportive medicine in the treatment along with conventional medicines in serious infections .

Our Homoeopathy Clinic in Navi Mumbai has some of the highly qualified and experienced doctors in the field . The treatment is based on the conditions of the patient and age . The treatment is given in form of pills and powder , that is sweet but can be bitter in liquid . The clear instructions are given to the patient regarding the dosages of the medicines .

The medicines are provided to bring faster relief to the patient and for this the patient is asked to keep the medicine under the tongue . Certain needed precautions are also mentioned to the patient for faster relief . The treatment is very cost effective and can cure chronic diseases as well .

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