Joint Pain Treatment

joints provide connections to the bone in the body and help us to move and walk freely . Any damage to the joints because of injury or diseases can cause pain and interfere with our daily activities and freedom of physical movement .

There are many conditions that can lead to the pain in joints such as osteoarthritis , rheumatoid , gout , bursitis , strains , sprain , and any injury . The joint can impair more than one point in the body . Apart from injury , it may also be due to the tendon or bursae , which are near to the bone . The ligament , bone and cartilage will also be affected by the pain in the joints . During the winter season ,the joint pain offer occurs in elders and sick persons .

Our clinic has established the state of the art infrastructure to provide the best Joint Pain Treatment in Navi Mumbai . The services are provided by the highly qualifed and experienced doctors and supporting staff. The most advanced instruments and tools are used in treatment . The clinic is fully equipped to offer the best surgery and post surgery care to patients in the reasonable budget .

Our treatment also comprises physiotherapy for relaxing muscles and breaking the stiffness in joints. The treatment is offered on the nature of patients problem and condition of the pain . Our services consists of massage , joint manipulation , soft tissue mobilization , connective tissue techniques , myofasscial release etc .

The services are provided by friendly staff in relaxed atmosphere by using the best physiotherapy equipment . The special care is given to the patient to ensure safety and full care during treatment .The persons operating the machines have through knowledge about the tools they are handling . We also cure chronic joint pain .

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