Piles Treatment

Our center in Navi Mumbai provides effective treatment for piles , fissures and fistula . The Piles treatment in Navi Mumbai is provided through non surgical methods in our super specialty clinic . Our center is equipped with the all necessary facilities to treat ano -rectal diseases.

Piles are the swellings of the blood vessels in and around the anus and rectum . The piles is also known as Hemorrhoids . The treatment of both type of piles , internal and external are provided by the doctors of the center . Though , the piles are common issues but if left untreated , it can enlarge and cause bleeding . Which may have adverse impact on the health of the patient .

For curing the ano rectal diseases, our center uses special injection treatment for curing piles and for curing fistula , we use kshar – surta treatment method . The Piles treatment in Mumbai is cost effective treatment in customer friendly and hygiene atmosphere. Our clinic is renowed for its quality medical services and diagnositcs .

We also provide surgery for the Piles treatment , if the need so arises . For the surgical treatment , we use some of the most advanced medical instruments and tools . Ambulatory surgery for fistulas and fissures is also done by our doctors . The treatment of fissure is done at the outpatient bases without need for hospitalization . We assure speedy recovery .

All treatments are offered at the affordable prices without any side effect . The use of advanced and cutting edge technology ensures that treatment is effective and recovery is speedy .

The treatment is provided in the relaxed atmosphere with world class hygiene standards by the experienced doctors . The special features of the treatment is complete cure , no recurrence , no blood loss and safe treatment .

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