Treatment For Gastritis

Treatment For Gastritis in Navi Mumbai

Our clinic is one of the leading centers is the Navi Mumbai for the treatment of gastritis . The prevention , diagnosis , and treatment of diseases such as constipation, pancreatic , ulcerative , chronic diarrhea in adults and in children are the objectives of the experienced doctors in our clinic .

Gastritis is a condition that occurs when the lines of the stomach become inflamed . This may be due to excess intake of alcohol or caffeine . During this condition the stomach line produces less acid , pepsin and protective mucous . This leads to bloated stomach and feeling of full stomach even when the person eats very little . Indigestion , loss of appetite , loss of weight , nausea and vomiting are the symptoms of the diseases .

Treatment of gastritis in Navi Mumbai consists of use of proper diagnostic tools to know the causes and then provide the treatment on the basis of individual plan . The treatment starts with the tests of stool , breath test for infection , an endoscopy , and barium swallow. In many cases of the diseases , the causes are temporary , which means that the cure has to be given keeping in mind the exact cause of the gastritis .

The treatment generally consists of use of antacids and change in diet to cure the condition . We at the clinic make sure that the treatment is not only relieved permanently but also suggest diet plant to the patient to keep the disease away for ever . The gastritis diet includes plenty of fruits , vegetables , whole grains , fat free diet and brown rice . The chicken and turkey are also part of the gastritis diet . However , at our clinic , the food habits of the patient determine the gastritis plan .

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