Ulcers Treatment

Ulcers Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Ulcer may be due to the sore in the lining of the stomach or intestine. In many ways it is like the sore of the mouth . The major cause of the ulcer in the stomach is the corrosion in the lining of the walls by acidic juice , secreted by stomach cells . The excess acidic is major reason for the ulcer . Another reason is the chronic intake of anti inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Excess smoking is the other causes not only in formation of ulcer but also in failure of the treatment of the ulcer . The patient suffering from the ulcer may be facing abdominal burning or burning pain in the stomach . The hunger pain just few hours after meal in the middle of the night is other symptoms of the ulcer . The intake of antacides of food can relieve the pain of hunger . But treatment is necessary for the permanent cure .

Our clinic offers state of the art procedures for the treatment of ulcers through non invasive surgeries . The doctors are highly qualified and have the experience of attending thousands of patients successfully .

The aim of Ulcers Treatment in Navi Mumbai is to relieve the pain and prevent formation of ulcer complications such as bleeding , obstruction and perforation . Our entire treatment plan is based on the individual needs and causes of the ulcer in the patient . The first step often is to reduce the risk factors . Then we go for medications on the individual bases . We make sure that the cure is permanent and chances of relapse are totally eliminated . Our treatment does not produce any side effect in the patient . Our proper diagnose and treatment based on the individual causes ensures complete satisfaction to the patient .


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