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Piles Treatment

Our center in Navi Mumbai provides effective treatment for piles , fissures and fistula . The Piles treatment in Navi Mumbai is provided through non surgical methods in our super specialty clinic . Our center is equipped with the all necessary facilities to treat ano -rectal diseases. Piles are [...]

Joint Pain

What Are Rheumatic Diseases? Rheumatic diseases are characterized by inflammation that affects the connecting or supporting structures of the body — most commonly the joints, but also sometimes the tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Some rheumatic diseases even affect the organs. These diseases can ultimately cause loss of function [...]

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Your second method of evaluating both poems in your Comparative article will probably be a modest distinct. Relative composition composing is very popular with university students. It really is usually considered as one of the more widely employed academic assignment and the easiest to manage with. Evaluating two verses [...]

Gastritis Treatment

Gastritis Treatment in Navi Mumbai Gastritis is due to inflammation of the gastric mucosa of the stomach . The disease can be chronic or acute depending the the cause . The treatment depends on the nature of the disease . The chronic condition can lead to the atrophy of [...]

Gastritis Cure

Gastritis Cure in Navi Mumbai Our clinic has over the years cured scores of patients suffering from gastritis permanently . The gastritis is an issue which happens due to inflammation of the lining of the stomach . The reason for the inflammation may vary from patient to patient . [...]

Chronic Gastritis

Chronic Gastritis Gastritis means inflammation of the mucus lining of the stomach. Patients suffering from chronic Gastritis feel uneasy and uncomfortable during most of the day, and might also experience a persistent feeling of weakness. Causes The main causative factors of chronic Gastritis include excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, [...]

Ayurvedic clinic

Ayurvedic clinic and Panchkarma centre Ayurveda is a holistic system of wellness and health practices in India for over 5000 years . The practice in our clinic is provided on the techniques and massages mentioned in the original scriptures . The treatment of the Ayurveda focus on the balance [...]

Antral Treatment

Antral Treatment in Navi Mumbai Our clinic in Navi Mumbai has established the state of the art infrastructure for the treatment of antral gastritis issues . The advanced diagnostic tools and experience ensures that patient are given the treatment based on their symptoms and causes to effectively bring relief [...]

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